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How reliable are Air Suspension kits?

The reliability of air suspension is highly dependent on the quality of the installation, just like any car modification. If you rush your install, or cut corners to “get the job” done this may come back to bite you. Truth be told, a carefully installed and well maintained air ride setup will last as long as any other aftermarket suspension. The bags themselves will outlive the life of the vehicle. If you won’t be installing your air suspension yourself, we provide a full fitting service. Call us for details.

Can Air Suspension be used in winter?

We recommend a few steps of preventative maintenance during the winter months to ensure the cold doesn’t adversely affect any air ride components. First off, we always add about two caps of air brake antifreeze to our air tanks as soon as the temperature starts to drop around freezing at night. This helps prevent condensation from freezing inside air lines, valves, fittings and otherwise clogging up the system. Furthermore, we tend to empty our tanks and water traps more frequently during the colder months - typically once a month.

What maintenance is required for air suspension?

Air ride doesn’t need much maintenance. We recommend emptying your water trap(s) at least once a month to drain any moisture from the system.

Do you install Air Ride Kits?

Radioworld provides a full fitting service. Call us for details.